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Our Accreditations

We're qualified! We are an authorised service centre, with factory trained engineers, for all these manufacturers.

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Why you should use an authorised repair centre


  • We can carry out warranty work giving you the confidence that we can repair your machine if it goes wrong.


  • We can easily get manufacturer parts so your equipment will be repaired using genuine OEM parts.


  • Engineers are regularly trained on the machines and we have access to all the correct repair manuals meaning we can repair your machine quicker and correctly.


  • We are able to get all the latest firmware updates so your machine is always up to date with software bugs removed and improved welding characteristics.


  • We have access to recall information so you know your equipment is safe and working as it should.


  • We have the specialist tools from the manufacturer which may be required to repair certain machines allowing us to repair your machine correctly and safely.


  • Complies to the warranty conditions which keeps you covered if something should go wrong.


  • Our services are continually reviewed by manufacturers ensuring we always maintain the high standards they require.


  • We have access to the manufacturing R&D to sort any problems that aren’t a “repair” and any background settings that may need changing for a particular job type. We can offer innovative solutions for abnormal problems or specific welding applications you may come up against.


“Rapid is a very good company, they communicate clearly and in a straightforward way. Good quality assured. Good teamwork, also always on hand if we need help”

Greg, Havant Sheetmetal

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